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Upcoming 1FOR51 Trip Opportunities!!

COM - CUBA - NOV 2 TO 10, 2019

Cuba Outreach Ministries is returning to Cuba in November 2019 to deliver humanitarian aid; to visit, pray with and encourage their supported pastors and families; and to deliver a Pastor’s Day in support of these Pastors.

PARTNERS INT’L - NEPAL - Nov 18-27, 2019

Our church has supported Pastor and Leader Bhim Lal Tamang of Nepal through Partners International since 2003. For the last ten years BBC has given in excess of $200,000 in financial support of Bhim Lal and other national pastors he oversees, and for church building projects. The purpose of this discovery trip will be to reconnect with Bhim Lal and directly see the ministry he and his team are engaged in - with a view to strengthening relationships and strategically searching for ways BBC can enhance our support - both financially, and with future short-term mission teams. 

One22 Ministries Costa Rica - January 2 to 12, 2020

One22 Ministries is taking a team of about 25 to Olla Cero, Costa Rica for 10 days in January to work on the construction of a new church building while also delivering a DayCamp for about 200 children while partnering with local Costa Rican churches. 

ABWE The Gambia - 10 days in Feb or March of 2020

This trip opportunity has been revised to focus on ministering to 110 abused/abandoned children who are being cared for in 5 different homes run by the Remember Nhu charity, whose goal is to prevent child sex slavery. Four of these homes are for girls and one is for boys. ABWE missionary Adelia Robison has been ministering in these homes to the children and she has been helping build capacity in the staff. There are opportunities for a team to assist with ministering to the children, organization and documentation; maintenance and upkeep; minor repairs; painting, etc.