The Dock: Sailors, Explorers & The Fleet

Sailors - (Pre-schoolers ~ age 2 until they enter school) "Learning Who Jesus Is"

Explorers - (JK and SK) "Discovering Jesus for themselves"

The Fleet: Grades 1 - 5 "Children following after Jesus"

Every Sunday morning a variety of creative methods are used to share the message of God's love with primary and junior school-aged children. It's not just about knowing about Jesus. The DOCK's goal is to see kids know Jesus personally and discover how they can live for Him in a world that barely knows Him. The DOCK is where we seek to Disciple Our Church Kids and help them understand all that God has for them by being anchored on the Word of God.

Children go directly to their DOCK classes at 10:30 am, where they participate in both large & small group sessions. They play games or make crafts, and are taught truths found in God's Word. Small group sessions provide an opportunity for the children to talk to Crew members about what they have learned and how they can live it out in their lives! Each Sunday children receive a take-home paper with the memory verse and what they learned that week, so together with their family, they can learn to "live out" the lesson taught.

Note for Parents/Guardians re: KIDCHECK

Every child attending a program (DOCK - Sunday Morning or SPLAT - Tuesdays) needs to have their guardian register for a KidCheck account.  When guardians create their account, they need to list all authorized (and UNAUTHORIZED if potential threats) guardians (spouse, grandparents - each separately, any adult who will either bring or pick up your child).  Please note, everyone added needs a PHONE NUMBER, as everyone signs in using his or her own phone number.  Guardians adding any allergies or guardian changes should update accounts regularly.  Please also upload photos - it is helpful for us to match a name to a face.  Any questions, please contact Pastor Nathan Polmateer, Director of Serving and Next Gen. Thanks.

(Accounts can be made on site in just a few minutes but it is recommended to create your account ahead of time)