Lebanon/Egypt FEB Discovery Trip - 1FOR51 - REPORT FROM PASTOR ALLAN

The 10 day trip to Lebanon and Egypt, with Pastor Allan and 3 other Canadian pastors from our denomination, returned on March 17th.

It was a faith stretching and faith invigorating trip for sure! For 7 days, the team partnered with a local Lebanese church (Trinity Baptist) to learn from, support and encourage them in their ministry. From this relatively small church (about 120 people), God is doing truly incredible things! One day, we joined their Bread for Life outreach, which provides food to 50 Syrian Refugee families who have fled their homes because of war and have less than nothing. Another day we got to help at the Clementia Learning Centre, a school Trinity runs for 75 refugee children. We taught at a local pastors conference spear headed by the Trinity Leadership, preached at several Baptist churches around Beirut and visited an underground church of new believers who are from Muslim backgrounds. One night we visited a Muslim neighbour from the village accepted Christ as His Lord and Saviour. It was incredible. Praise God!

For the last 3 days we travelled to Egypt as part of the exploration Trinity is doing in their vision to plant churches and reach across the Middle East with the gospel. There is ministry going on in prisons, amongst a massive slum in Cairo and in the planting of new churches. There are so many stories to share that I (Allan) can’t wait to share with our church family in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for praying and partnering to make disciples of all nations!


REVISED TRIP OP - Cuba One22 Ministries August 2018 - 1FOR51

Building on the success of their February 2018 trip to the Maisi area of Cuba, One22 intends to return for a one-week trip August 2 to 9, 2018. Team members will again visit and encourage Pastors; visit water filter production sites; watch the process of water filters being installed into homes; help fund a part of the Day Camp that the church from Havana is putting on in the Maisi churches; visit the location of the home that is under construction as part of One22; etc. 

 NEXT TRIP = Cuba COM Trip - 1FOR51

This 9-person team with 5 BBC GOERS is due to head to Cuba on March 31 for one week!