UPCOMING TRIP - November 2018 - Cuba Outreach Ministry - Cuba

A group of 8 BBC GOERS + 3 other supporters are travelling to Cuba from November 3 to 10, 2018. Once again the group will be visiting and encouraging the local pastors and their families who COM supports. Medical and other much needed supplies will also be delivered. The group will organize and deliver a Pastor Appreciation Day and also various outreach activities for children.

UPCOMING TRIP - November 2018 - God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage - Haiti

A group of 10 BBC GOERS + 1 additional supporter are travelling to Petion-Ville, Haiti from November 12 to 19, 2018 to work in the GLA Orphanage. The team will be delivering a children’s program to meet the needs of the 50 or so children that are currently being cared for. The group is reaching out to friends and co-workers for donations of needed supplies to take down with them. One goal is to bring encouragement to the staff members who serve as nannies and in other roles at the orphanage. Our people will also be assisting with various work and maintenance projects around the facilities.

RECENT TRIP - September 2018 - GALCOM Audio Bibles - Peru

A group of 10 GOERS returned in September 2018 from the area of Ayacucho, Peru following a 10-day trip in support of Al and Shelley Wyatt of GALCOM International. The group took 500 solar-powered fix-tuned radios with audio bibles on them in the native Quechua language. They partnered with the Runa Simi organization to distribute 435 of these radios directly to illiterate people in 5 different Quechua mountain villages. This delivered the bible in audio format to people who previously had no access due to their inability to read or write. The other 65 audio bibles were given to Runa Simi for strategic distribution.