THE NEXT CHAPTER - 2019/20!!

We can’t stop now! In view of God’s movement in and through 1FOR51 last year, we are continuing into 2019/20. We continue to discern and add new trip opportunities. Stay tuned to the website or stop by the Welcome Centre on Sundays for more information.

“Lord, what will you have me do?


The 1FOR51 Background Story

GENESIS: In the fall of 2017 the Elders and our Lead Pastor launched renewed Mission, Vision and Values for Bethel. The idea for 1FOR51 was born out of a desire to provide our people with a practical way in which they could live out our mission - to bring glory to God by making disciples who make disciples!

LIFE CHANGE: 1FOR51 is a vision to see over 51 people invest 1 week of their next year in a short-term mission trip for Jesus. "Invest 1 week of your year to see Jesus transform the other 51 weeks of your year, if not your life!" Lives will be changed in places around the world where we GO to serve, and the life change we ourselves experience as GIVERS, PRAYers and GOERS will surely have lasting impact in our church and surrounding community!

ON RAMPS: 1FOR51 is a church-wide initiative, offering people three options to engage:

  1. as a GIVER - donating to our 1FOR51 fund to provide partial funding for GOERS

  2. as a GOER - by actually participating in a short-term mission trip

  3. as a PRAYer - by committing to partner in prayer with a GOER

2018 GOALS

  • GIVE - to see over $51,000 given in support of those GOING

  • PRAY - to see over 51 households partner in prayer with those GOING

  • GO - to see over 51 people GO on a mission for Jesus


  • $63,300 given!

  • 87 different BBC households partnered in prayer with those who went!

  • 13 STM trips!

  • 10 Countries - Cuba x 5, Costa Rica, Lebanon/Egypt, Bolivia, Quebec, South Africa, Tanzania, Peru and Haiti

  • 61 different BBC GOERS!!!

  • 212 different BBC people involved in GIVE. PRAY. GO.

  • Praise the Lord!!