1FOR51 Trip #18 - Castaway Camp JK to G4 July 2019 Trip Report - by Jason Eastman

Castaway Camp 2019 Theme - With God Nothing is Impossible! 

For one week in July 2019 Bethel hosted almost 150 kids for our annual Castaway Camp. It is so cool to think that each and every one of us can participate in a 1FOR51 trip without having to do a long drive or take a plane. God has put Bethel here in Strathroy for a reason - and that is to make disciples who make disciples - right here where we live.  

 Together Beth Hunt, Melanie Harman and I were able to commit a full week to serving at Castaway (along with lots of other part-time volunteers). The three of us were encouraged by our 1FOR51 Prayer partners that supported us through the week.  

 Each morning the kids would all crowd together in the sanctuary for an awesome welcome, some games and a time of praising and worshiping God with our voices and actions.  From there, the kids would head out to different Bible sites and electives. The Bible stories focused on how nothing is impossible with God. The electives included various activities that covered a spectrum of interests. Leaders were able to connect with the kids and have authentic, meaningful discussions with them about their lives and Jesus' love for them.  

Numerous children indicated decisions for Christ or rededicated their lives to Him.  We also had at least one leader who decided to start her personal walk with Christ during the week.  

We capped the whole week off with Tailgate Sunday, where we as a church welcomed all of the new families to try and show them how much we care for and love them because of what Christ has done for us. Thank you to all of you who showed this love and support to these families!  Thank you to all of you who prayed faithfully for the leaders, campers and the families.  Thank you to all of you who served in some way throughout the week to impact all of these lives.  And the most important THANK YOU is to God for giving all of us the opportunity to serve Him through Castaway Camp!  

1FOR51 Trip #17 - Quebec I Love My Neighbour July 2019 Trip Report - by Tim Riley

 I was blessed to lead a second 1FOR51 mission trip to Quebec from July 6 to 13, 2019 with Jesse Scarrow and Matt St. Onge to participate in I Love My Neighbour. I initially felt discouraged, as the team was much smaller this year; but God moved incredibly through it! We reconnected with the Quebec church in St. Cesaire, deepening our personal relationships with the brothers and sisters we served alongside last year, as well as connecting again with three of the families we did mission work for. We did work for several other families in four different communities. We also established foundational relationships with two of the pastors from Granby, the St. Cesaire’s mother church, working alongside them.  Unexpectedly, we were blessed to meet Danielle and Chantelle Gagne, missionaries supported by Bethel back in the late 1990's and early 2000's! 

Some of the tasks we performed this year were landscaping, painting, removing debris, cleaning, moving a few hundred bales of hay and picking a ton (or 2!) of rocks from a farmer’s field.  We interacted with all the of the families we served, showing and sharing the love of Jesus.  There were times of fellowship and celebration!  We grew closer with each other and with God as well, through the tasks, devotions, prayer and as we helped Jesse achieve a huge desire to climb a local mountain. Through the St. Cesaire church, I was also able to meet with the Quebec Prison Ministry leaders, a passion of mine. On September 6 and 7 I brought the leader of New Life Prison Ministry to Granby to meet with their leadership team.  Quebec is a very challenging mission field. It was a joyous meeting! Both ministries are going to combine our efforts so many more souls in prison can hear and experience the LOVE and HOPE through the good news of Jesus Christ!  The three of us look forward to returning to Quebec next year serving The Lord and loving our neighbours! 

1FOR51 Trip #16 - SEND Summer 2019 Trip Report - by Sara Anderson

God is speaking. Will you surrender? 

I arrived in Tokyo as a summer worker with SEND, totally unaware I would be faced with this question. My heart was eager to serve, to step out in greater faith and to trust God more as I deepened my faith. But my expectations beyond that were low. Surely my life wouldn’t change. I had been on a mission trip before. I was already being obedient just by being here. What more could God ask of me? . . . How greatly we underestimate our Lord!

Struck down with illness in my first week, He brought me to a place of total surrender. Then, God began to speak. He answered my prayer not to heal me, for me; but rather, in order to show His glory. He revealed to me the purpose of my suffering through the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:8-11. He stirred my heart for the people I was meeting, burdened me with the struggles of the missionaries, and drew me closer towards Himself. Finally, He challenged my wrong-thinking about ‘calling’ through the words of an experienced missionary: “Often we want God to illuminate the path ahead of us with a great beam of light, but He wants us to step out in faith, to continually rely on Him to guide our steps. That’s why He’ll often illuminate just the path around our feet, and it’s when we look behind us that we see more clearly those steps that make up the path He’s leading us on.” Those words made me look back on my own path, where I was shocked to discover God really has been directing me towards full-time missions. More shocking was the discovery it had never been a question of calling. The real question was - would I obey?  Will you surrender? 

The duration of my mission trip was spent in service, in prayer, in agony at times, and in bliss, as God continued to affirm and encourage me with his presence and through scripture. I’ve surrendered to God’s leading - I’m willing to be a full-time missionary if that is where God continues to lead - and it has truly changed my life! I pray more, know God better, love Him deeper, and want to serve him in a greater capacity. And I as I continue on this path which, Lord willing, leads me back to Japan, my spirit is in awe. Its overflowing with thankfulness for how loving, how awesome our Father God truly is!   

1FOR51 Trip #15 - Cuba Outreach Ministry Cuba March 2019 Trip Report - by Walt Jakimczuk 

A team of six people, including four from BBC (Walter and Belinda Jakimczuk, Teri Allen and Barb Rawlinson), returned to Cuba recently for their spring trip to minister to the needs of the seventeen pastors and families COM supports. The short-term team included a nurse, a councillor, an Administrative secretary, a homemaker, a retiree, and a truck driver - all willing and eager to serve God.

For the first time ever, the team hosted these pastors and their families for a Family Retreat/Pastor’s Conference at a local resort. 68 people attended, including 16 children. These pastors/families spend most of their time in their ministry work under very difficult circumstances and conditions. There never seems to be an opportunity to take a break - nor the ability nor resources. Ultimately their home life can suffer.

The two-day retreat included times of teaching, preaching, worship, testimonies and communion. There was a program for the children. The families came together to share meals, games, and sessions. It was clear that new and deeper relationships were being formed between the entire group. The team also hosted a very unique romantic dinner for the couples - which was so appreciated!

The team took 750 lbs of medicine, medical equipment and other items which are in short supply in Cuba. Some of the medicine and supplies were given to four Christian doctors who distribute the items free as needed. 

The team appreciated their 1FOR51 prayer partners - who had provided personal cards and letters with scripture reading and encouraging notes to be opened through the week. 

1FOR51 Trip #14 - One22 Ministries Costa Rica January 2019 Trip Report – by Tom Hunt

A team of 5 BBC Goers joined up with 31 others and headed down to Mellizas, Costa Rica in partnership with One22 Ministries from January 3 – 13, 2019.  The main goals for this trip: to finish building a church and to facilitate a children’s DayCamp. Mellizas is a remote village in southern Costa Rica. This is a First Nations people group who are impoverished. Their main industry is coffee.  

The One22 team of 36 joined with over 65 Costa Rican volunteers from several other churches to participate in building and to host the DayCamp. 

On this trip the Build team completed the steel framing and siding of the church, and they poured another huge section of cement. Since this team has returned home the Costa Ricans have finished off the church by adding windows and bleacher seating. 

The DayCamp team’s goal was to help this local congregation reach their community’s children and ultimately their families for Jesus Christ. The Camp averaged 158 children each day! The Costa Rican volunteers were a valuable asset. A bible was sent home with each child. 

Thank you God - for allowing us to be a part of helping this very impoverished community! 

1FOR51 Trip #13 - GLA Haiti Nov 2018 Trip Report – by Tera Butler

Trepidation.  Excitement.  The team of 11 GOERS was experiencing many emotions in the preparation for the trip to God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage in Haiti November 12 to 19, 2018.  With a history of unrest in the country, we didn't know what would await us; we just prayed God would use us.  

We were met by our drivers at the airport and were loaded into a cage on the back of a truck for the one-and-a-half-hour trek up the mountain to the compound that houses God's Littlest Angels.  The smells, sounds and sights were eye-opening.  People lined the streets selling clothes and food.  Homes dotted the landscape, all made of the same cinder blocks.  Life inside the compound was simple, but it was the Hilton of children's homes in Haiti.  

Nancy had prayed that her skills as a nurse would be of use and on day two, her prayers were answered as little baby J was brought to the orphanage from the hospital.  Imagine that, with the circumstances of life in Haiti, a newborn preemie's best chance for survival is at God's Littlest Angels and not in the hospital.  Michelle was instrumental in organizing the vacation bible school for the school-aged children and the entire team played roles in offering students songs, games, crafts and snacks as they learned about the love of God.  Cindy, Kerry, Michelle, Tera, Brigette, Terri, Lyn, Heidi and Judy cherished the opportunity to love and work with the babies each day.  The NICU housed 13 babies who lay in small steel cribs.  There just aren't enough arms to provide all the love these children need each day and it was encouraging to see them blossom as our team's arms reached out to them.  Heidi put her paint skills into action, leading part of the team in a project to freshen up the building that will house the solar control panels for the future guest house.  Dave became an unexpected gift to GLA as he brought his special skills and was able to get a lathe up and running that had been sitting unused for years.  

God's Littlest Angels is doing God's work in one of the poorest and most unsettled countries in the world.  They are fully supported through outside donations.  Both of these conditions have led them to be fully dependent on God.  Their faith that He will provide and protect is inspiring.  We saw miracles in real time.  Often, we wonder in life if we are having an impact.  Often, we are unsure or it takes years to see results from the seeds that have been planted.  At God's Littlest Angels, every day you are gifted with the realization that each of us are the difference.  We are inspired by the work they are doing and hope to continue to support them.  Thank you for your prayers, donations and love for all of us as we went to serve!  

1FOR51 Trip #12 - COM Cuba Nov 2018 Trip Report - from Walter Jakimczuk’s Report

 On November 3, 2018 a group of 11 GOERS (10 from Bethel plus one additional person) travelled to the Santa Clara region of Cuba for a one-week mission trip in support of the pastors and churches that COM supports. Their goal - to Encourage, Equip and Evaluate. Due to illness two members of the team had to decline at the last minute - and the team saw God bless with two replacements who were able to step in!

 The team brought with them an estimated 1,000 lbs of extra items to deliver to those in need = medicine, medical devices and equipment, Sunday school supplies, audio Messenger players, puppet ministry items, and so many more things that were carefully assessed and prioritized. Two of our team were intimidated and harassed at Customs in Cuba before eventually being allowed to continue with all their supplies!

 The team split into two groups for daily trips to surrounding churches and pastor/families that COM supports. The team delivered much needed encouragement, financial support and humanitarian donations. One of the team, Lucy Landry, was able to visit a training centre that she had served at as one of the original GOERS of COM twenty-three years ago!! Another highlight was the team hosting a Pastor Appreciation Day for the pastors and their families, highlighted by a special communion service together. 

1FOR51 Trip #11 - GALCOM Peru Sept 2018 Trip Report - by Darryl C

A team of 9 BBC GOERS plus 1 other supporter ventured to Peru in support of GALCOM International from September 12 to 22, 2018 as part of our 1FOR51 PROJECT. The purpose of the trip was to carry and deliver 500 solar-powered fix-tuned Christian radios with audio bibles on them that also include the story of Jesus - all of this in the native Ayacucho Quechua language. 

BBC and GALCOM partnered with the Runi Simi organization in Peru whose mission is to reach the Quechua people for Christ. Runa Simi reps had prepared the way by having the pastors of the village churches compile lists of Quechua people who were illiterate and who needed the Word of God in audio format in their language. 

After arriving in the capital city of Lima, we then flew to the city of Ayacucho where we were based at the Runa Simi mission. Each day, we would all cram into a small travel van for the treacherous drive to a different remote village - the longest drive was 2.5 hrs. one way! This is a mountainous region with poor roads and steep drop-offs where we saw the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation in new ways!

The team was privileged to personally deliver 435 audio bibles in 5 different Quechua Andes Mountain villages - directly handed to the people who needed them and providing support in how to use them. 

Our theme verse = Isaiah 52:7 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation,...”

1FOR51 Trip #10 - One22 Ministries Cuba Aug 2018 Trip Report – by Tom Hunt

A team of 3 BBC GOERS headed down to Maisi, Cuba in partnership with One22 Ministries from August 24 to 31, 2018.  The purpose of the trip was multi faceted – to hold a workshop for the BioSand water filter technicians, to meet with 9 new pastors and invite them onto One22 team of pastors, to take funds and supplies for pastors and a water project, and to encourage the local pastors in their work.

The workshop for the technicians and 4 pastors was held in Sabana.  Tucked away in a very remote part of Cuba is a thriving church pastored by Pastor Joe.  The 2 day workshop was held in his home with 8 technicians from the 4 water project sites and 4 pastors and the project manager.  Tom Hunt, the Executive Administrator of One22 is pleased to say that the workshop was a huge success.  His goal was to clearly communicate the passion and heart desire of the why and how of BioSand filters.  Mission accomplished.  

The team met with 9 missionary pastors.  Men who have been leading 9 different churches throughout the Maisi area.  These men have obeyed God in answering His call.  The area is very poor and these men get paid very little to pastor these churches so they must spend a good amount of their time out in the fields picking vegetables and coffee.  One22 has received enough funding from individuals and churches to be able to partner with these missionary pastors and were able to have all 9 of them join their team of pastors and are now receiving a monthly salary.  This salary enables them to now just concentrate on being shepherds of their congregations and now they do not have to go out into the fields to pick crops.  It was very exciting to have these 9 men join the existing team of 14 pastors to bring the team to 23 full time supported pastors.

The team spent some time visiting several other supported pastors to get to know them and to encourage them in their work.  Relationships were built as the team connected very quickly with these pastors.  Amongst other items, the team was able to take a wheelchair donated from a lady from Strathroy.  The recipient of the wheelchair is an elderly lady who has been in need of the chair for some 3 years now.  The team did not actually get to meet this lady but gave the wheel chair to her pastor to give to her.  The team was humbled by how God used them during this week of ministry.

1FOR51 Trip #9 - Village of Hope, Tanzania Aug 2018 Trip Report - by Teri Allen

In August of 2018, Jeannie Nicholls and I (Teri Allen) set off to volunteer for one week at the Village of Hope Orphanage/School in Mwanza, Tanzania as part of the 1FOR51 Project! This was the culmination of much prayer, planning and fundraising. Originally, I was going on my own, but God challenged Jeannie to join me on this mission trip, which I am so thankful for!

God got us safely to Tanzania as we each travelled there on our own. He protected us on the roads in Tanzania which was no small feat; we still shudder as we remember the traffic and how they drive. We read daily letters and devotions from our 1FOR51 PRAYer Partners which was a great support. We stayed with a young couple who generously opened their home and took great care of us. This also helped us with the hurdles of language and transportation. 

Our goal was to show God’s love to the people in Tanzania because “God so loved the world…”  We were each in a classroom at the school and feel very blessed to have been able to help out in very tangible ways.  We don’t know for sure how we impacted the people we came in contact with but trust that we did because we know without a doubt we were meant to be there. We both feel very blessed by the experience and how so many opened their hearts to us.  We are also seeing how God is using the experience in our lives here at home and that is so amazing!! What a mighty God we serve. 

1FOR51 Trip #8 - Rainbow of Hope South Africa Aug 2018 Trip Report - by Antje Giles

In 2008, my husband Jeff, our daughter April and I served at the Rainbow of Hope Orphanage in Capetown, South Africa. We assisted the house mother Alison in a myriad of ways with the then house full of orphan babies.  

Three years ago, Amy, another daughter of ours, began to sense a desire to go back to serve at this orphanage where her older sister had been. The 1FOR51 Project has helped us meet that goal!

Amy and I returned to Rainbow House in August 2018 to again assist House Mother, Alison, with her 12 orphans, now ages 8 to 19.

The house runs well, with all the children having jobs and responsibilities.  At times, we were wondering if our help was even needed, but it was. We saw how beneficial our help could be from the relationships we formed.  Amy made many new relationships as the children flocked to her.  They could sense her warm and kind spirit.  This relationship grew as she had a chance to encourage and uplift Alison as she struggled with all the responsibilities of the house. In our time at Rainbow House, we had the opportunity to hear the children's heart-breaking stories of how they came to the orphanage and we got to see how God had provided for them since that time. In this, we witnessed how we can trust in God’s plan, authority, and unconditional love.

We will be praying to see if God would use us for the future needs of Rainbow House!

1FOR51 Trip #7 - AEBEQ Quebec July 2018 Trip Report - by Tera Butler

When you think you know what to expect, God will gladly show you otherwise!  This was the experience of nine members of Bethel Baptist Strathroy, as we travelled to Saint-Cesaire, Quebec at the beginning of July.  We were all excited to take part in a program called J'aime Mon Voisin, or in English, I Love My Neighbour.  This program has been running for several years in Quebec in different towns as a method of outreach into the community to share the love and word of God.  

This year's program took place in Saint-Cesaire, which was a first for this community.  The Source de Vie church is a Baptist church plant in Saint-Cesaire and is currently attended by approximately five families.  The church plant is small, but mighty.  We were so inspired by the love and sense of community demonstrated by these families.  They took us in as family, and side by side, we served others each day over our week-long stay.  We had the opportunity to work with the pastors and their families, cleaning homes for those in need, washing windows, gardening and setting up the food bank that they run out of the church basement each Saturday.  The food bank serves up to 30 families a week and it offers fresh food!  

The J'aime Mon Voisin program offered us the opportunity to enter the homes and lives of the community members and be the hands and feet of God, demonstrating love through sacrificial service.  We had the privilege to witness how God was moving the members of the community.  Tim, Maureen and Jesse were able to publicly share their testimonies which was very moving for everyone.  Marla and Tera joyfully served alongside their daughters, Jillian and Brigette.  Jim and Jane devoted their week to service and multiplying disciples, while celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! What an example for all of us!  While the church plant in Saint-Cesaire is small, the impact it is having is huge.  The core families involved are dedicated to serving their community and changing lives through service and sharing the gospel of Jesus.  I think it's safe to say, we would have been happy to stay on longer!  Our hearts are full of gratitude, inspiration and love.  Thank you to our Givers and Prayers for helping to make this a possibility.  We are inspired to take what we have witnessed and apply it to our lives and community here in Strathroy.  

1FOR51 Trip #6 - ETHNOS Bolivia May 2018 Trip Report - report from Darryl Charlton

Message from Silvana and Jenny to Strathroy BBC - We are so thankful that you Gave, Prayed and Went. The house was like a dream to us; we have seen God provide finances and the hands to build this; it went up so fast because of the team you sent. We stand in awe of the Lord, and we are so very, very thankful! 

5 BBC GOERS joined a team of 11 others (Canada, US and Bolivia) for a 10-day trip to build a home for two single missionary women (Silvana and Jenny - both 36) who are ministering to the Ese Ejja tribal children in the village of Portachuelo in northern Bolivia. BBC GOERS = Ron and Kevin Eastman; Doug Linker; Franklin DePhillipeaux; Darryl Charlton. 

Jenny (from Chile) and Silvana (from Argentina) felt the call of God in their lives for missions in their thirties. They met at the ETHNOS training centre school in 2013 in Bolivia. They graduated and were independently called to minister to the Ese Ejja tribe in the Amazon jungle where over 50% of the 550 people are under the age of 12. They were both sent out by their local church’s. They are supporting the ministry of Mike and Cher Riepma, who have been living as ETHNOS missionaries with this tribe since 1982! 

Jenny and Silvana started their ministry to the Ese Ejja in 2015. They had been renting a small house which is not located with the Ese Ejja. This presented a barrier to them learning the language and ministering effectively to the children and people. At the same time BBC was praying about 1FOR51 mission trip opportunities, Jenny, Silvana and the ETHNOS leadership were praying for a short-term group to come and build their simple home in a new location. Their concerns were cost and timeliness - they did not want the house build to detract from Jenny and Silvana’s goal of learning the Ese Ejja language. 

God provided in so many ways: the house was built in 6 days (in no small part due to the construction skills of Kevin Eastman and Doug Linker); the weather did not impede the build; the bags of tools we brought were all allowed through customs; despite 9 different flights no one lost luggage; and no one was sick or injured!

1FOR51 Trip #5 - COM Cuba March 2018 Trip Report - report from Belinda Jakimczuk

Cuba Outreach Ministries (COM) took a group of 9 people (5 BBC GOERS) to Cuba for this one-week short-term mission trip. The goal of the trip was to bring support and encouragement to the 18 Cuban pastors/families that we support there. Belinda Jakimczuk, co-leader of the trip with her husband Walt, submitted this trip report:

When preparing for this trip, we were asked by one of the new GOERS, "What do you tell customs about all the stuff you are bringing in?" We didn't have an answer for this question because we have never been asked about any of the items we have brought in over the past thirteen years. We do not get it through - God does. And once again, everything got through without one question. We go totally reliant on God! 

We split ourselves into two groups, and each day we went out to visit at least two Pastor families each, delivering their personal supplies, as well as the supplies for their church programs. We heard about what was happening with their ministries and their families and we always shared in prayer before we left. 

While driving to our destinations, we enjoyed doing random acts of kindness with the Oxen Farmer Ministry that my mother started in 2011. She sends a gift and a note telling them they are not alone and that God (and her) love them very much. We give the farmer a hug, a Bible and a device called The Messenger that plays sermons and the New Testament in Spanish. Our driver talks to them and shares God with them. To date, 48 oxen farmers have been blessed by this ministry, and so have we!

We hosted a Pastor Appreciation day - where all the Pastors and their wives come together so they can share with each other, be encouraged and we have time to share with them. We were extremely blessed to have Pastor Rodger and Linda present on this trip to share with the Pastors and ladies respectively. God used Rodger and Linda with all their ministry experience to bless the lives of these pastors and families immensely!

1FOR51 Trip #4 - FEB Lebanon/Egypt March 2018 Trip - report from Pastor Allan

The 10 day trip to Lebanon and Egypt, with Pastor Allan and 3 other Canadian pastors from our denomination, returned on March 17th.

It was a faith stretching and faith invigorating trip for sure! For 7 days, the team partnered with a local Lebanese church (Trinity Baptist) to learn from, support and encourage them in their ministry. From this relatively small church (about 120 people), God is doing truly incredible things! One day, we joined their Bread for Life outreach, which provides food to 50 Syrian Refugee families who have fled their homes because of war and have less than nothing. Another day we got to help at the Clementia Learning Centre, a school Trinity runs for 75 refugee children. We taught at a local pastors conference spear headed by the Trinity Leadership, preached at several Baptist churches around Beirut and visited an underground church of new believers who are from Muslim backgrounds. One night we visited a Muslim neighbour from the village accepted Christ as His Lord and Saviour. It was incredible. Praise God!

For the last 3 days we travelled to Egypt as part of the exploration Trinity is doing in their vision to plant churches and reach across the Middle East with the gospel. There is ministry going on in prisons, amongst a massive slum in Cairo and in the planting of new churches. There are so many stories to share that I (Allan) can’t wait to share with our church family in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for praying and partnering to make disciples of all nations!

1FOR51 Trip #3 - One22 Cuba February 2018 Trip - report from Tom Hunt

·      10 days

·      5 BBC GOERS out of a team of 7 (Tom going on second trip)

·      visited 3 bio sand filter water construction sites

·      encouraged and visited with our project manager and 7 filter construction workers

·      visited 6 of our supported pastors

·      met with 2 missionary pastors of whom we brought into our team of supported staff

·      visited the site where the new house build is going to take place

·      visited the house that is being built and supported

·      visited 6 churches

·      traveled for some 35 hours in the back of a 1954 Land Rover truck - very bouncy to say the least

·      took tools for water project, 2 sewing machines, lots of toys, blankets, clothes, funding for the house build, funding for our water project and salary for our staff

1FOR51 Trip #2 - One22 Costa Rica January 2018 Trip - report from Tom Hunt

·      10 days

·      9 BBC GOERS out of a team of 29

·      built a 20 x 50 bunk house for church ministry

·      built a church - steel beams, roof purlins, steel roof put up; church floor 34x60 cement poured

·      teamed up with 20 people from Rancho Quemado to put on a day camp for 200 children

·      one child gave her heart to the Lord

·      many Day camp supplies taken

·      many tools taken

1FOR51 Trip #1 - COM Cuba October 2017 Trip - report

  • 7 days


  • delivered humanitarian items such as personal toiletries, Christian education materials, medical supplies to churches and pastors

  • visited and encouraged pastors, wives and their children (COM supports 18 Cuban Pastors)

  • organized a Pastor’s Day to meet with and encourage the pastors and their wives