Our History

The story of Bethel really isn’t our story. It’s God’s story. It’s the story of God moving. His Word going forth. Prayers being answered. And lives being transformed by the Spirit of God.

For eight years, a small group of men and women began to pray that God would establish a church in our area. A church where it didn’t matter your age or stage or journey, anyone would be able to hear the Word of God and come to have a relationship with Jesus.

With simple beginnings, and the Spirit of God leading, Bethel Baptist Church was formed in 1944. Fairly quickly, that early group of pioneers outgrew the homes they were meeting in and started to rent a facility for $1 a week. 

By 1947 the membership had climbed to 44 people, our first official building was purchased, and we became a part of a network of like minded churches across Canada called the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches. 

There are so many stories of what God has done over the years. We’ve prayed together, wept together, laughed together, worshiped together, worked together and enjoyed fellowship together. Many things have changed, but by God’s grace, that original steadfast commitment to God’s Word and making disciples has never wavered.

It is this focus, on making disciples of Christ, that has brought the gospel to thousands in our region over the last 7 decades. This is the focus that has led us through 4 building projects. This is the focus that led us to help plant churches in Watford and Port Franks. This is the focus that led us to send and partner with missionaries and church planters across the globe.

We are here to make disciples of Christ! By God’s grace this is the focus of why we have done all that we have done. And this will be the focus of why we do all that we will do. Trusting by faith that God is just getting started.