International Missions Team

At Bethel, we not only believe in, but put into practice the mission of outreach on a global scale. We intentionally partner with mission organizations and their missionaries who serve here in Canada, and around the world. We have a focus on church planting efforts in cooperation with national pastors and workers wherever possible.

We want to share our hope with the rest of the world, which comes from the life-changing news of the Gospel as Jesus commanded us to: “. . . go and make disciples of all nations. . .” showing the love of Christ to nations in very practical ways.

Partner Missionaries

Missionary: Dave & Judy Wright

 Greater Europe Mission (GEM)
Missionary: Jason & Sue Holm

OMS Canada
Missionary: Chuck Manning

Great Commission Foundation (GCF)
Missionary: Yonail Perez
Missionary: Servesky Montiel
Missionary: Efren Gallardo Santana
Missionary: Virgilio Gamboa Sarion
Missionary: Jose' Rodriguez
Missionary: Jorge Luis Flores Maqueira
Missionary: Ramon Aviles Duenas
Missionary: Denis Padron Flexas
Missionary: Santiago Batista Cruz
Missionary: Shandry Ramirez Diaz
Missionary: Janoi Lopez
Missionary: Jose Enrique Aquino
Missionary: Ariandys De Sol
Missionary: Yanel Valazquez
Missionary: Wilmer Rodriguez Perez
Missionary: Jorge Omar
Missionary: Raimon Celsa

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (FEBCC)

Fellowship French Mission
Missionary: FEB Church: Becancour QC
David Haines

 FEB International
Missionary: Richard & Brenda Flemming

 Partners International
Ontario Rep: Tim Arkell
Missionary: Bhim Lal & Kalpana Tamang
Missionary: Motilal Kerketta
Missionary: Patrus Praja
Missionary: Dal Bahanadur Tamang
Missionary: Bikash Burung
Missionary: Ram Bahadur Tharu
Missionary: Rajesh Gond
Missionary: Suk Bahadur Shrestha

 Association of Baptist for World
Evangelization (ABWE)
Missionary: Mike & Mary-Lou Rummey
Missionary: George & Karen King
Missionary: Barney & Adelia Robison
Missionary: David & Susan Schmidt

Campus Life / YFC
Missionary: Mark Stromemburg

 Key Bible Clubs
Missionary: Dwight DePhillippeaux

 One 22 Ministries
Missionary: Tom Hunt (Beth)

Heritage College & Seminary


If you would like more information on any of these supported ministries/missionaries, please contact the International Missions Team Director.

Good Friends of Cuba Ministries

This ministry began in 1995 when a group from Bethel went to Cuba on a 2 week mission trip. Seeing the need for support for the pastors and the churches in Cuba, Cuba Outreach Ministries was established as a mission agency within Bethel Baptist Church.

At present, we support 13 Cuban pastors in the area of Santa Clara and Placetas in central Cuba. We also support the Seminary and meals for the poor through the Baptist Church in Placetas.

— Chairman COM, Walter Jackimczuk

Claudio Miguel Molina FuentesPalmira

Santiago Batista CruzCarlos Caraballo

Shandry Ramirez DiazBaez

Janoi LopezSanta Clara

Jose Enrique Aquino

Mainovys Cogle Triana

Ariandys De Sol

Yanel Aguilera

Wilmer Rodriguez Perez

Our missionaries in Cuba

Yonail Perez PerezPlacetas

Servesky Montiel EstradaPlacetas

Efren Gallardo SantanaTahon

Virgilio Gamboa SarionMaximo

Jose' RodriguezGuaracabulla/Bies

Jorge Luis Flores MaqueiraPlacetas

Ramon Aviles DuenasDagame

Denis Padron FlexasCastano

Christmas Shoeboxes

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

Ontario Shoeboxes will be shipped to Haiti, Senegal, Gambia, Cuba, Costa Rica and Chile this year. There are 10 countries that send out Shoeboxes to more than 100 countries. Your Shoebox is one small material gift and the opportunity for a child to learn of God’s great love.

Any question please email