Current Trip

GALCOM International to Peru - September 12 to 21, 2019 - Nine GOERS from our church are in Ayacucho, Peru to again work with the local Runi Simi mission to distribute solar-powered radios fix-tuned to Christian radio that also have audio bibles on them in the native Quechua language. The team will also be assisting with the provision of basic prescription eyewear for the Quechua. Opportunities for evangelism as the radios are distributed. High altitudes in the mountainous region of central Peru. 

Upcoming Trips

Cuba outreach ministry - cuba - Nov 2-9, 2019

We are partnering with COM again to send a team to Cuba to provide practical support and encouragement to the many local pastors this mission agency supports. Practical humanitarian aid is delivered, along with hosting a Pastor and family appreciation day to bring encouragement and renewed energy to these pastors and their families.


Jason and Sue Holm are Bethel-supported missionaries in Cologne, Germany with Greater European Mission. They are looking for a Prayer Team to come and support their ministry for 7 days in the above noted time period. This is a fascinating opportunity to engage in a week of intensive prayer on behalf of the gospel in Cologne, focusing on the ministry of Jason and Sue Holm, other missionaries, and national pastors/ministry personnel.

Partners Int’l - Nepal - Nov 18 to 27, 2019

Our church has supported Pastor and Leader Bhim Lal Tamang of Nepal through Partners International since 2003. For the last ten years BBC has given in excess of $200,000 in financial support of Bhim Lal and other national pastors he oversees, and for church building projects. The purpose of this discovery trip will be to reconnect with Bhim Lal and directly see the ministry he and his team are engaged in - with a view to strengthening relationships and strategically searching for ways BBC can enhance our support - both financially, and with future short-term mission teams. 

Most Recent Trips

Bethel Castaway Camp - July 22 to 26 and 28 - three Bethel people invested one week of their year to assist our summer intern staff to deliver our Castaway Camp for over 135 kids JK to Grade 4. There were many other volunteers engaged, but this core group of full time, experienced volunteers were a key asset to our Camp Director in delivering excellence in our day camp program.

I Love My Neighbour Quebec - to Granby and Saint Cesaire, Quebec - July 6 to 13, 2019 - three of our men travelled to Quebec to work with local churches in serving practical needs in the community as a means of breaking down the walls between the churches and the members of their communities.

1FOR51 Celebration Event - Jan 19/19

This awesome event was held on Saturday evening, January 19, 2019 at Bethel church.

Our goals for the night were three-fold:

  1. That people would recognize some of the amazing things God did in and through 1FOR51 in 2018;

  2. That people would as a church family praise and thank God - through prayer, testimony and song;

  3. And that people would have their hearts prepared to ask “Lord, what would you have me do in 2019?”

Over 170 people were in attendance! We celebrated with a meal, and then we moved upstairs to the auditorium where:

  • we were reminded about the genesis and vision formation for 1FOR51

  • we learned afresh about what happened in 2018 through a video documentary and several live interviews

  • we expressed worship and thankfulness to God through prayer and song

  • we heard about local and global outreach initiatives coming this year at Bethel

  • we heard about our Special Offering on Feb 24 - to be used to propel us forward in these local and global outreach initiatives - with a goal of $60,000

  • we were challenged to prepare our hearts to ask “Lord, what would you have me do in 2019?”

  • we heard from each of the mission agencies we partnered with as they expressed their thankfulness to Bethel for serving alongside them during our trips in 2018