Nate Richardson

Director of Worship & Communications

Nate serves as the Director of Worship & Communications at Bethel. He has been married to his wife Natalie for 6 years. The two of them met at Liberty University serving together with YouthQuest ministry team, where they travelled, leading worship and small groups for student ministries throughout the US. Over the past 7 years, the two of them have enjoyed serving the local church in Worship and Creative Arts ministry. (Nate served on staff at Cedarview Alliance Church in Ottawa for an amazing 4 years, leading the worship and young adult ministries. In 2015, he also had the privilege of serving in leadership on staff at Compass Community Church as the Director of Ministry Development, providing administrative and ministry support for the community.)

Nate loves to encourage people to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. His heart is to see people worship the Lord, not just on Sunday morning, but living everyday as an act of worship. Nate also enjoys using creative media to capture stories that inspire and point people to Christ.

Nate and Natalie have two beautiful girls, Eden and Layla, and they all love to sing and dance together to anything Disney.